Backed® Capital is our Venture Capital Company offering select Investors the opportunity to share in the profits from a diversified mix of carefully screened, early and mid stage Growth Companies.


By directly addressing the reasons why companies fail, Backed® significantly reduces their risk-profile for Investors. In this way Backed® cases not only become highly attractive opportunities in Scandinavia, thanks to our unique methodology they are invariably streamlined and prepared for the global stage.

  • No Market Need
  • Ran out of cash
  • Not the right team
  • Out-competed
  • Wrong pricing
  • Poor product
  • Ignored customers
  • Timing

Leading Edge

We attract promising Growth Companies with a turnkey solution that speaks directly to their needs. We then refine their value proposition through our proven vetting and acceleration processes, transforming them into compelling business opportunities.


We collaborate with leading organisations and influencers to attract the level best Growth Companies and groundbreaking thinkers.

Quality Control

Our holistic analysis matrix allows us to screen Growth Investment Opportunities, offering a highly-detailed snapshot which, until now, has proven notoriously difficult to qualify.

Amongst other criteria, this evaluates:

  • Ability to address market needs & barriers to entry
  • Level of market disruption & market traction
  • Speed to market with a minimum viable product
  • Scalability in current and future markets
  • Medium to long-term exit strategy

Global Connect

Both to and from heavyweight foreign investors and markets – thanks to our own personal networks.

World Class Service Providers

Deliver a complete, one-stop, turnkey solution to support our Growth Cases.


Backed® Support Services

When Growth Companies enter our accellerator programme, they gain access to world-class service providers in a one-stop, turnkey solution. In other words, our finely-tuned support system raise the overall evaluation of our case companies by adding expertise experience and level best services.