Today’s stock market is overvalued and there will ultimately be large corrections. We strongly believe this, and it’s just a matter of time before investors will look for alternative investments. The increasing protectionism in trade and production is equally adding to the problem.

The hybrid


Disruptive innovators in Fintech

Why invest with Backed® ?

We want to change the way investors invest and open their eyes for the new reality: Most noted stocks are not safe. We believe in investing in un-noted stock; in investments in Growth Companies where high returns are secured.

Blackrock estimated they will move 31% of their invested capital in noted stock markets into alternative investments. The stock companies – the manipulation – high salaries and large dividends are definitely not making it better.


Access truly global opportunities

Global Connect

Besides adding tremendously to our pool of potential investors, our personal networks – developed at the forefront of international tech and finance – have facilitated the formation of a unique, two-way flow for information, services and capital.

This framework means Growth Companies now have the opportunity to access truly global opportunities as never before – with all of the support they need ‘just across the bridge’, to assist with the challenges of their new market.

How we invest

Backed® AI combines different financial products in the fundraising for our client. Typically, the end result is a combination of:


Convertible Loans

VC / Angel