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Matching Growth Cases with Capital

We accelerate prosperous growth companies by investing expertise, experience, services and capital – to yield maximum returns for our investors and stakeholders.

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We accelerate growth cases into thriving businesses - connecting them to specialist services, dedicated management, forward-thinking investors and the world.

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Our ‘export-focussed’ worldview, backed® by an exemplary Investment Committee and custom AI algorithms, enable us to identify the growth cases that will become global brands delivering exceptional returns for investors.

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About Backed

Backed is a Venture Capital investment holding company & accelerator that enables investors from a diversified mix of opportunities, predominantly in blockchain, tech, health and real estate.

Global Outreach

Within the European investment landscape, one of our key differentiators is international growth. We are therefore always on the lookout for skilled individuals to join our global team at Backed AI.

Company Services

With the aid of key service providers, we not only offer post-investment incubation and acceleration; we deliver essential growth support services that ensure streamlined sustainability.